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DITHR is a web tool on p5.js that allows users to upload and process 3D models (OBJ format), raster images, and videos by applying rasterization algorithms with various customizable filters and custom gradient maps based on WebGL shaders.

The result can be exported to a PNG graphic file with several resolution settings, and it is also possible to capture and export video to WebM format when loading 3D models or video files into the tool.

Moreover, by loading a 3D model into the program, the tool includes the possibility of interactive interaction with the model using a mouse or touchpad, featuring basic light settings, and animation setup of the movement of the object in space.

The program provides a lot of ready-made presets for quick application of rasterization effects, plus you can export and save your own presets as JSON files for easy reuse.

Currently, the program allows you to choose one of the algorithms to process the image:

  • ASCII text conversion using various built-in fonts
  • Ordered dithering based on several Bayer matrices
  • Basic halftone rasterization
  • Halftone CMYK printing emulation rasterization
  • Predefined patterns with blue noise textures for the void-and-cluster dithering method

The tool is available for anyone to try at the following link:

The free version is fully functional but adds watermarks to exported graphics. This allows you to thoroughly evaluate its capabilities and try out the tool before committing.

Here you can choose from three types of royalty-free license keys: Personal, Commercial, and Extended Commercial. Each license is a one-time purchase and grants a single user the right to use the tool on up to 3 devices/browsers. See the tool's website for full Terms of Use.

By applying the license key, the program will automatically remove any limitations and authorize the tool with the key every time you visit the site.

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DITHR Tool License Key

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